December 1, 2020

soft body: thoughts about the white

 When I first imagined the "soft body" sculpture, I was thinking it should be painted. My thoughts ran from orange to gunship gray. 

The resin we used to create the pieces was white and when I saw the figures in white, I liked the way they recalled Greek and Roman marble sculpture--which, of course, tended to idealize the human figure. I realize that the Romans painted their pieces, but we know them in their blinding whiteness. And some white supremacists have claimed them as examples of racial superiority.

So I liked the idea of keeping my work, which is specifically devoted to the idea that the body is fragile and destined for the dust, white. At one level, it's a commentary on the idea that the ideal body is a strong body. Maybe too, it says something about a white body being the ideal body.

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