June 24, 2012

from sadness to plenitude

"I looked down no. 1" 36" x 24" oil on canvas. 2012

In 1971, Pablo Neruda spoke to the Paris Review: "My poetry has passed through the same stages as my life; from a solitary childhood and an adolescence cornered in distant, isolated countries, I set out to make myself a part of the great human multitude. My life matured, and that is all. It was in the style of the last century for poets to be tormented melancholiacs. But there can be poets who know life, who know its problems, and who survive by crossing through the currents. And who pass through sadness to plenitude."

I would like my art to engage the challenges of life and to cross through its currents, but I think this must happen naturally and in stages, the way our lives grow and mature.

June 18, 2012

interesting review of a recent show

Here's a well written review of my recent show up in Santa Fe:

June 6, 2012

"Art of Man" interview

Firehouse Press and its illustrious editor E. Gibbons has included a number of my paintings and an extended interview in its most recent volume of "Art of Man." You can order a copy here and if you enter code NXY3Y88L you get 15% off your purchase. Order away!