September 30, 2012


Nothing that’s alive holds still. Life is in motion and our seeing is always fragmented, never complete.

I want to paint life the way I see it.  My goal as a painter is not to “freeze” a moment. I want to bring life and breath into an image. For me, a good painting keeps opening up. It involves the viewer by letting the eyes do some of the work.

Painting is something I do with my body, and it shows. I paint with energy and I don’t try to hide that. You can see how the brush moves and how the paint was put on and scraped off. Painting, like life, is messy.

I usually paint the human body. I find the human form both irresistible and impossible to paint. And so every day I struggle to respond to its exuberant wild skittishness, its burden of grief and praise, its extravagant, quivering life.