December 1, 2020

soft body: thoughts about the white

 When I first imagined the "soft body" sculpture, I was thinking it should be painted. My thoughts ran from orange to gunship gray. 

The resin we used to create the pieces was white and when I saw the figures in white, I liked the way they recalled Greek and Roman marble sculpture--which, of course, tended to idealize the human figure. I realize that the Romans painted their pieces, but we know them in their blinding whiteness. And some white supremacists have claimed them as examples of racial superiority.

So I liked the idea of keeping my work, which is specifically devoted to the idea that the body is fragile and destined for the dust, white. At one level, it's a commentary on the idea that the ideal body is a strong body. Maybe too, it says something about a white body being the ideal body.

maple seed sculpture

 I just learned that the City of Albuquerque is purchasing this small sculpture for their collection. Thank you to the Art's Board and Dan Fuller and Matthew Carter.

the figure in large scale sculpture

I've been eager to create some large scale figurative work. So far I haven't been able to see it through. For now I just have models I've been working on. Here is one I'm especially fond of.

leaf sculpture

For this sculpture I worked with the veins in a leaf to make a skeleton like image. The piece was installed on Tower Road just north of the Denver Airport.

soft body: getting into the act

This is Sparky doing what seems right and me doing the same thing.


soft body--some process photos

Anna Horst collaborated with me on this project and I couldn't have done it without her! She also made the film which I think came out beautifully.

"vecinos" in the winter light

 When I was working on this piece, I had hoped that the bright New Mexico sun would bring another layer of interest to it. So I was happy to see some of these shadows playing across the faces in the late November light.

soft body

This says something about why I've been so quiet the last two years. So thankful to be alive to tell about it.